How to Wear an Eternity Ring – A Complete Guide

How to Wear an Eternity Ring – A Complete Guide

Posted by Tara Dosh

What is an eternity ring? Also known as an infinity ring or an eternity band, an eternity ring is a metal band set with a single row of diamonds or gemstones that wraps all the way around the finger in a continuous loop.  

A diamond eternity ring is considered the ultimate symbol of everlasting love and commitment between two people, making it a popular choice for a wedding or anniversary band. Whether you’re considering buying an eternity ring for your sweetheart or are already the lucky recipient of one, this guide is for you.  

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about eternity bands, including the various ways you might choose to wear your eternity ring when you find one you love.


What is the Symbolism of an Eternity Ring?

The circular shape of an eternity band has no beginning and no end, representing an everlasting commitment and a love that will last forever. With the diamonds providing an endless circle of light, an eternity ring also signifies an eternal bond that can never be broken.


When Do You Give an Eternity Ring?

Eternity rings are traditionally gifted to commemorate a significant moment or milestone in a relationship. This could be your wedding day, wedding anniversary, or the birth of your firstborn child. Ultimately, if it’s a meaningful event for you both, it’s worthy of a beautiful diamond eternity ring.  

While it's true that diamond eternity rings are usually given as gifts in a romantic context, they are also an appropriate and meaningful way to mark any important occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, new job, or promotion. And who wouldn’t love to receive a diamond eternity ring as an extra-special holiday gift?

Eternity rings are also gaining popularity as stand-alone fashion statements or as the hero of a ring stack. Colored gems in unique baguette, square, or marquise shapes are a fun and unexpected way to express your individuality. So, if you’ve been thinking about a way to treat yourself to a timeless piece of jewelry that you can wear day in, day out, an eternity ring ticks all the boxes when it comes to sparkle, style, and versatility.


Can an Eternity Ring Be Worn as An Engagement Ring?

Sure! Just know that if you choose to propose with an eternity ring, they are difficult to resize and, in some cases, cannot be. To avoid this, invite your partner to participate in your eternity-ring selection process so that you end up with a style they love that’s also the perfect fit in terms of size and comfort.

Let’s start by saying there are no concrete rules for wearing an eternity ring. If you want to wear it on your pinky, go for it! That being said, here are some general guidelines for how to wear your eternity ring.


Eternity Ring + Engagement Ring + Wedding Band 

If you’ve been given an eternity ring from your spouse, the obvious place to wear it is on your left-hand ring finger next to your engagement ring and wedding band. When deciding in what order to stack the three rings, there is no right or wrong answer, but here’s a look at what a lot of people do… 

Since a wedding band is often considered to be the strongest symbol of one’s commitment to a marriage, this ring goes on first (closest to your heart). Your engagement ring goes on next and then finally, your eternity band tops off the look.   

Another common approach is to wear your eternity ring between your engagement ring and wedding band. Some even opt for wearing their eternity ring and engagement ring on their right-hand ring finger and letting their wedding band fly solo on their left hand. 

Feel free to experiment to find a combination that is comfortable to wear and pleasing to your eye. 

Solo, On Your Right-Hand Ring Finger

If you’re not into the stacked look, or wearing three rings on one finger feels too cumbersome, wearing your eternity ring on your right-hand ring finger is a great alternative as well as a minimalist look that still lets your eternity band shine in all its diamond-accented glory.


On Your Middle Finger 

Although not as common, some people choose to wear their eternity band on one of their middle fingers. This position gives your eternity ring extra, unencumbered prominence since your middle finger is effectively the centerpiece of your hand.


As a Promise Ring 

An eternity ring can also be given and worn as a promise of what’s to come. Wear it on the ring finger of either hand (but left-hand placement is sure to invite questions!).


On a Necklace

Some choose to wear their eternity ring on a necklace chain—front and center and close to the heart. A great option if the eternity ring is a family heirloom and doesn’t fit!


In a Stack With Other Eternity Rings

Love the look and style of eternity rings? More is more! A stack of diamond eternity bands is bold, beautifully decadent, and dramatic. People will definitely take notice, so if that’s the reaction you want, stack away!

Clearly, there are many ways to wear an eternity ring and it’s up to you to land on the approach that feels right for you. Whatever you decide, be sure to get your eternity ring insured by a reputable insurance company like Jewelers Mutual. Obtaining personal jewelry insurance through Jewelers Mutual is an affordable option that covers loss, damage, theft, and mysterious disappearances. You can receive a jewelry insurance quote in just 30 seconds by clicking the button below.


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