Custom Design

How Does the Custom Design Process Work?
Step 1: Dream & design
Step 2: Create a virtual image of the design
Step 3: Create a wax model of the piece
Step 4: Cast the piece in metal
Step 5: Finish the piece
Step 6: Oohs and ahhs
The entire custom design process at Chalmers takes less than 3 weeks from start to finish.
Come give it try sometime. You’re a better jewelry designer than you think!
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The purpose of a jewelry appraisal is to put a dollar value on the jewelry being appraised, often for insurance purposes. Whether you just inherited a family heirloom or are changing insurance providers, it's a smart idea to have a real replacement value on your jewelry.

Why you should choose Chalmers Jewelers for your appraisal needs.

  • A jewelry appraisal can be done on any item of jewelry, regardless of what it is composed of.
  • Market values change, so Chalmers Jewelers recommends that you have your jewelry appraised every three to five years.
  • Upon request Chalmers Jewelers will update your appraisal for free, for as long as you own the piece.
  • Chalmers Jewelers performs all appraisals on site in our lab. Our staff GIA Graduate Gemologist performs this thorough assessment.

Chalmers Jewelers can also add a diamond measurement report and digital photography to your appraisal for a nominal fee.


Chalmers Jewelers can care for all of your fine jewelry, not only what you have purchased from us. Bring your pieces in today and take advantage of our complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection.
It's a good idea have your jewelry checked on a regular basis. A little preventive maintenance can go a long way to ensure that your jewelry is beautiful and secure for a lifetime.
Our experienced staff of professional goldsmiths and gemologists can help with everything from simple repairs to complete restorations.
Why is Chalmers different from other jewelry store repair shops?
  • All of our work is completed under 40x magnification - for the most precise detail finishing.
  • All repairs are guaranteed for one year - including stone loss from rings purchased elsewhere.
  • No repair gets sent out. We have the luxury of owning the equipment needed to keep from added outsourcing and shipping expenses.
  • Items are photographed before and after the work is completed, and kept on file for your convenience.



To get the maximum pleasure out of wearing your favorite ring, it is important that it fits you correctly. Having a ring adjusted to your correct finger size is not a traumatic event. Let Chalmers Jewelers properly size your finger with a set of appropriately proportioned ring sizers. We will size your ring for a maximum fit and accurate function for many years.


A complete check of your jewelry and a thorough cleaning are free at anytime and and important factor to ensure safety and long lasting enjoyment.


Engraved jewelry has always been a popular favorite. Perhaps it’s because not only did you choose a treasured gift of fine jewelry, but also inscribed your personal message making it unique and beautiful. Chalmers Jewelers’ goldsmiths are expert engravers as well.

Chalmers Jewelers will only engrave jewelry items, we will not engrave items such as silverware, cups, mugs, piggy banks, etc.