Judge the Jewels: Simon Cowell Pops the Question with a Gargantuan Engagement Ring

Judge the Jewels: Simon Cowell Pops the Question with a Gargantuan Engagement Ring

Published by Becky Stone

THE SIGHTING: Reality TV superstar Simon Cowell recently made things official with his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Silverman. Paparazzi snaps have revealed that the proposal involved a remarkable diamond.

THE JEWELS: We’ve only had a peek at this behemoth of a ring, but there are a few things we know for sure: It features an oval diamond flanked by two side stones and it’s enormous.

Zack Stone of jewelry brand Steven Stone told Hello! Magazine that the diamond appears to be around 20 carats and is likely D color, with an estimated value of $2.5 million. The Daily Mail estimated the ring’s specs at 15 carats, D color, and $3.4 million.

If either of these estimates is correct, it’s the most expensive celebrity engagement ring we’ve seen in the past year.

THE TRENDS: Oval diamonds have been the hottest thing in celeb engagements for a minute now. The last major oval we saw was Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement ring, which has a minimal setting with a slender pave band and no side stones. Silverman’s ring’s design reminds me more of Gwen Stefani’s engagement ring from Blake Shelton, which isn’t an oval but does feature a large center diamond between two side stones.

While we’re doing comparisons, it’s important to note that Kourtney Kardashian and Gwen Stefani’s center stones are both estimated to be around 8 carats, which mean the combined carat weight of both rings together is still not as large as Lauren Silverman’s iceberg of a ring.

WHAT DO WE THINK? Despite their objective beauty and value, diamond rings of this size sometimes come across as a little bit cartoonish, giving a wobbly, undignified Ring Pop vibe. Silverman’s ring may be gigantic, but its sensuous, elongated, and relatively low-profile shape save it from feeling unwieldy.

If you’re going to drop multiple millions on an engagement ring, this is how to do it.

JUDGEMENT: 13/10 because why be that rich if you can’t spend it on the person you love the most?

photo credit:  Page Six