Pinterest’s 2024 Wedding Report Is Out

Pinterest’s 2024 Wedding Report Is Out

New York—Pinterest is known as the go-to place for wedding inspiration and the social media platform’s wedding report can provide clues as to what’s trending in the market.

According to the report, nostalgia plays a big part in what Pinners are planning for their big day, as searches for vintage and antique jewelry are even more popular than last year.

Some are choosing to wear family heirlooms because of the added sentimental value, Pinterest said.  

Many people love jewelry that comes with a story, so pieces that have been passed down for generations can complete the tale of their union. 

When it comes to style, this year, couples seem to be drawn to the classic and refined aesthetics of bygone eras, explained Pinterest. 

The social media platform does not report on a specific era that its users are searching for in the vintage jewelry market. 

However, it does highlight an uptick in the keywords “Victorian,” “‘60s,” and “‘70s,” being used with other wedding-related terms. 

“Gold bridal earrings” have become especially popular, with searches for these pieces rising more than 2,000 percent since last year. 

Of course, couples want their earrings to match the rest of their wedding jewelry, so it makes sense that searches for “gold wedding rings couple” and “gold wedding rings vintage” were up more than 300 percent. 

Pearl jewelry and bridal chokers are also highly sought after, with searches for these terms rising over 560 percent and 345 percent, respectively.
When it comes to the jewelry couples are choosing this year, color is popular.

Pinterest said Gen Z is leading a rebellion against the once-popular neutral beige and white weddings. Instead, they are gravitating towards colorful, vibrant wedding aesthetics. 

“Blue wedding rings” have gotten 155 percent more popular over the last year, according to the report. Perhaps this is partially attributable to brides looking to fulfill the “something blue” wedding tradition. 

For Gen Z couples, red has become the center of all their wedding planning, often paired with gold. 

These searches align with another rebellion against neutral weddings, which Pinterest has titled “gothic glamor.” 

Weddings of this aesthetic include moody, gothic, and Victorian themes. 

Sage green is another color of note from the report because of its earthy connotation and connection to Pinterest’s category of wedding searches described as “quiet life” weddings. 

These ceremonies revolve around being close with family and are often located in a garden, small forest, or other rural location. 

Additional colors to look out for this year are burnt orange, pink, and pastel purple, the report noted.
Natalie Francisco is the associate editor, fashion at National Jeweler, covering designers, trends, and new collections.