Sylvie Collection Drops the ‘Collection’

Sylvie Collection Drops the ‘Collection’

Dallas—Like Madonna, Cher, and Zendaya, Sylvie Collection now goes by one name—Sylvie.

The Texas-based brand has unveiled a new advertising campaign, logo, and a subtle name change to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Founded in 2007, Sylvie has international origins. Jewelry designer Sylvie Levine is a native of Antwerp, Belgium, and the third generation of her family to work in the diamond business.

Her husband Ian Levine hails from South Africa and, upon immigrating to the United States, founded Spectrum Diamonds in 1987. Sylvie and Ian met at a diamond conference.

Per the company, after marrying, the couple decided to collaborate on a fine jewelry collection under parent company Spectrum Diamonds. The brand formerly known as Sylvie Collection was born with the intent to sell at independent jewelers, to both self-purchasing women and couples.

Through the years, Sylvie has remained a company with jewelry designed by a woman for women and rooted in the Levine’s strong personal partnership.

“We reflect on our first 15 years with gratitude to our retail partners and end customers and wanted to
mark this milestone with an evolution of our brand,” said Sylvie Levine in a statement.

“Today, our mission transcends being a luxury jewelry company. We strive to be a daily reminder of love and its enduring beauty by creating on-trend jewelry with meaning and symbolism in life.”

Sylvie’s 15-year ad campaign, called “Shine On,” highlights women’s multifaceted beauty, the company said, and represents its new brand identity.

It features women layered in Sylvie designs, not just engagement rings but also everyday staples like diamond necklaces, bracelets, hoop earrings, and stacking rings.

The campaign has an ethereal feel, pictured against a blue sky with shades of blush and pink interspersed. The new Sylvie is modern and up to date, but still timeless and investment worthy. 

The new Sylvie logo abstractly references light rays, a shell, and the Sandro Botticelli painting “The Birth of Venus,” circa 1484-1486, the company said.
The new Sylvie logo abstractly references light rays, a shell, and the Sandro Botticelli painting “The Birth of Venus,” circa 1484-1486, the company said.

The campaign coincides with the introduction of a new logo, an abstracted shell shaped like Sylvie’s signature ring profile. The light ray-esque beams are meant to evoke lightness and femininity, just like the new campaign.

The brand’s soft relaunch is spearheaded by the Levine’s son, Gary Levine, in a fitting tribute to Sylvie’s familial foundation. 

Gary joined Sylvie a little under a year ago, and is the director of operations. 

He said, “The women and art direction chosen to headline ‘Shine On’ to elicit Sylvie women and their dimensional attributes. They radiate youthful femininity, no matter their biological age, and are … elegant, confident and complex.

“Today, we celebrate them more than we ever have with gratitude for letting us be part of their life’s major milestones–in the past, present and for many years to come.”

The company promised new product, designs, and marketing as it embarks on its next chapter.