A diamond is the hardest substance on earth, but treat your diamond jewelry gently as a hard blow can still be damaging. Be sure to remove your jewelry before housework and recreation.

To clean your diamond jewelry, soak in a solution of one part pure ammonia and six parts distilled water. Do not allow it to soak for more than one hour. To loosen dirt, a soft toothbrush may be used. Be sure to rinse your jewelry well after soaking.

A Diamond Engagement Ring can be damaged by every day activities like gardening and doing dishes. Be sure to remove your ring and any other diamond jewelry for these activities and store in a safe place. Have your prongs checked regularly by Chalmers Jewelers to ensure that your setting is securely holding your diamond in place.

Diamond Stud Earrings can be snagged on clothing loosening the prongs. Be careful when twisting the backings on and off of earrings set in secure screw-back posts, to prevent the posts from becoming stripped.