Revo Milling System and Solidscape 3D Wax Printer

Revo "C"  

Solidscape T76

Revo "C" Multiple-Axis Milling System

Revo Multiple-Axis Milling System was leading the CAD (Computer Aided Design) revolution for years with powerful Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software. Designed specifically as a companion to Matrix, the Revo quickly generates a dimensionally accurate wax model ready for casting.


Solidscape T76 3-D Wax Printer

Solidscape now leads the industry in precision wax models.  The T76 receives a digital input from three-dimensional data files (STL, SLC) and creates solid, 3-D parts through an additive, layer-by-layer process with a layer thickness [mm] from .0127 to .0762 and a resolution of [dpi] 5,000 x 5,000 x 8,000 XYZ. The patterns produced are extremely high resolution with vibrant details and outstanding surface finish. This printer combines patent-protected, drop-on-demand ("DoD") thermoplastic ink-jetting technology and high-precision milling of each layer with the Company's proprietary graphical front-end software, ModelWorks®.